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Your support is important to our work at East Cambs Community Land Trust

Anyone with a local connection to East Cambridgeshire can apply to become a member for just £1. As a member  of East Cambs CLT, you will be entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting, act as guardians of the Objects of the Trust and promote its interests, and receive regular news and information on the activity of the Trust.

Application for membership is open to any individual who:

Read our Membership Policy

Membership: Get Involved
Wooden Toy Houses

Membership Form

Please read our model rules, complete the below form and send your £1 membership along with your name to:

East Cambs CLT, 5 Fordham House Court, Fordham House Estate, Newmarket Road, Fordham, Cambs CB7 5LL

Thanks for submitting!

Membership: Support
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