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Meet the Trustees

Local volunteers with a passion to provide affordable homes and create stronger communities in East Cambridgeshire

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Anna Bailey


Anna Bailey is a local Councillor, representing the Downham Villages at East Cambridgeshire District Council and Ely South at Cambridgeshire County Council.  She is Leader of the District Council and oversees Adult Social Care at the County Council where she is Chairman of the Adults Committee.  She is a passionate supporter of Community Land Trusts which she believes allows local, working people that are so often shut out of the housing market in East Cambs to have a home of their own affordably, and that the benefits to communities of CLTs are far reaching and ever-lasting!


Graham James



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James Fordham


Born and raised in the East Cambridgeshire area, James is a finance professional with a penchant for all things property & community-owned assets.

Having seen the difficulties young people face in getting on the housing ladder he strives to improve opportunities available to this underrepresented demographic

James has been involved in serval CLTs across the region as an adviser since 2018 and joined the ECCLT board of trustees in September 2022. 


Lisa Stubbs


Lisa Stubbs is a local Councillor representing Stretham, Wilburton, Witchford, and Little Thetford at East Cambridgeshire District Council. Lisa is the Vice Chair of the Planning committee for East Cambridgeshire District Council.  Lisa also works full-time as a Property Manager.

Lisa strongly backs Community Land Trust schemes because they present local, working people with an opportunity to afford to live in quality housing within their community.  Small towns and villages are the glue that hold our country together and by not pricing people out of their local area, Lisa is firmly convinced that CLTs are a means of keeping communities together


Lynn Watson


Lynn Watson moved to Ely in 2015 and remained Chair of Homes for Wells CLT until 2016. Involved with Homes for Wells since its inception Lynn was involved in Allocations and Building Committees until becoming Chair in 2012. Homes for Wells became an exemplar for the Community Land Trust in 2014 after purchasing the local primary school for redevelopment into 13 family units. Previously a Financial Consultant, Lecturer at West Anglia College, a Wells Town Parish Councillor, and retail business owner. Lynn joined East Cambs CLT as a Trustee 3 years ago as she remains a keen supporter and campaigner for helping local people remain local in areas where renting and purchasing at affordable prices has become very difficult.

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